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Welcome to the OP-EZY Group on the web

22-07-2007 14:14 BST - This page is DEAD!

We now have a new system for our site news, our new blog system allows RSS feeds, check it out

15-07-2007 16:12 BST - Alive and Kicking!

Switching broadband providers and phone companies and configuring new routers is a long and hard task, thankfully after 3 weeks of downtime, we are back up and running!

24-04-2007 23:32 BST - Who the **** is Bernard?!?!

We at OP-EZY are diving more into the ways of how the internet works, coming soon, an MSN bot we call "Bernard". (Well, technically, he's up and running, but doesn't do much :-) )

14-02-2007 23:27 GMT - More reliability please :-)

We are no longer using 'direct update' to manage our Dynamic Addresses, for the pure reason that there was no Linux version, so if our Windows machine was off (as it is often) then the website could go down longer than necessary! The new program (called 'ddclient') is purely run on UNIX machines so now this server can manage its own Dynamic addresses! for those less technically minded as me, all it means is that the site should have less unnecessary downtime! :-)

07-02-2007 17:11 GMT - Webmail is finally here!

As promised, webmail is here, if you have an FTP account, use your details on the 'OP-Mail' page

02-01-2007 12:47 GMT - Moving Home page

A new home page is planned for development, this current page will be moved to a dedicated news page. Hopefully, we will be converting the news page to an RSS feed too. LCD release planned for this week!

31-12-2006 21:28 GMT - Yet another year...

Happy new year from OP-EZY! Watch out for another Beta release of LCD comming soon!

24-12-2006 23:01 GMT - Merry Christmas

OP-EZY would like to wish everyone a Merry Christmas and a happy new year!

16-12-2006/22-12-2006: New Page

We have removed REAL PCHS as I personally could not be bothered to go snooping around the school with cameras! So instead, I am starting another project! This is a level for DooM called Learning Centre DooM (or LCD). Just click on its link on the left to go see the BETA page (although it is not finished yet!)

29-11-2006: SPEED BOOST!

OP-EZY's server now has a whopping 128MB of RAM (as apposed to the 32MB it had before (that is 4 times larger!!!)), this means the whole site should run alot faster now! (editing this page used to take about 5 mins, but now it loads and updates in about 1 minute!)

OP-EZY On Demand TV

OP-EZY would like to present... OP-EZY On Demand TV, we are currently on youtube and soon I will put a link on the site

...and we're back

Sorry about the down time, most of our side of Northumberland had a power outage today (26/10/2006) and our server was on it! But it doesn't end there, when I (Ian Hawdon) wired up the server to the power, I forgot to put it through the serge protector! The power returns and BOOM! (mini mushroom cloud from the server room!)

Thanks to Computer orBIT (www.computerorbit.co.uk) for being the only company in the area who had a new PSU at a reasonable price and in stock!

Web Mail is on the way...

If you have an FTP account, you will also get a webmail account, (actually your account it already set up, we just need to get the webmail interface working!). If you log into SSH and type "mail" you can access your mail, type "man mail" for more info on how to use the mailing program from SSH

WOOOHOOO PHP pages done!

All the pages are pretty much done on the PHP revamp! All that is needed to do now is to create a web page editing section in the admin area!


We are slowly converting this site to be PHP friendly, you will not really notice the difference, but editing the pages are alot "ezyer" for us ;-)

No more OP-EZY flash logo!

You know how annoying the flash logo was (it took too long to load up, so we have removed it!

Server Command Line Access

We have added an SSH (Secure Shell) page to the site, this means you can log into it (using your FTP details) and you will have the same access as if you were in front of the server!

New download server

We now have a new download server, it is at ftp://op-ezy.co.uk for more information, go to our download page.

What... New Web Layout? I'm confused!

Yes, the OP-EZY web site has changed! Nice isn't it :-)

You can always comment about it in our forum .

Beta Page

We have a web page beta testing site, it is available to anyone with an OP-EZY page access account and is available here .

OP-EZY - News

29/11/2006 New RAM (128MB) the site should now load alot faster!

Ok, I doubt that this news is going to happen!

Exciting news, coming VERY, VERY soon! Watch this space!

Web mail, almost here!!

PHP scripts seem to be working (along with MySQL!)

We have a new download server that is now fully FTP based!

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