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Welcome to OP-Mail

If you have an FTP or BBS account, you will have an OP-Mail account, no longer do you have to log into SSH to recive your messages, you can now use our webmail system.

The system is powered by SquirrelMail

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POP3 Settings:

POP3: mail.op-ezy.co.uk

SMTP: mail.op-ezy.co.uk

Username is your system name without the op-ezy.co.uk suffix

To change your password, go to the SSH terminal and log in with your details and type "passwd" at the command line and follow the on screen instructions

OP-EZY - News

29/11/2006 New RAM (128MB) the site should now load alot faster!

Ok, I doubt that this news is going to happen!

Exciting news, coming VERY, VERY soon! Watch this space!

Web mail, almost here!!

PHP scripts seem to be working (along with MySQL!)

We have a new download server that is now fully FTP based!

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