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OP-EZY International Public Radio

We need funds!

Before we can get a radio station, we need some funds! Currently OP-EZY runs on a “shoe-string” budget! Hosting at home and using a free Dynamic DNS changer, we have managed to make this site possible. Previously, we has a radio station called “OP-EZY International Pirate Radio”, we hope to re-launch this soon, but without the “Pirate” status! Your money will go towards:

  • A licence to broadcast
  • A phone line repair (that is the reason we keep going down 2-6 times a day!)
  • A DSL upgrade (256kbs upload and 512kbs download is not really fast enough)
  • A New server (for broadcasting to this one and to do housework [Like DNS updates])
  • Renew Domain Name fees
  • Register the DNS changer (zoneedit.com)
  • A “.com” domain name

Please give (we need your money ;-) ) but seriously, every little will help!


OP-EZY - News

29/11/2006 New RAM (128MB) the site should now load alot faster!

Ok, I doubt that this news is going to happen!

Exciting news, coming VERY, VERY soon! Watch this space!

Web mail, almost here!!

PHP scripts seem to be working (along with MySQL!)

We have a new download server that is now fully FTP based!

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