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Welcome to OP-EZY V5.1

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Because people need to stand out!

Ok, here is where I thank a few projects that made this site happen, and some that I just think are worth a mention!

Server side

I'd like to thank the following for the content that keep the server ticking over:


This is the group the develop the current version of Linux that is on this system, it has up-to-date software and is pretty stable!


They are the people who make the perticular version of Linux before we switched to Ubuntu


The Apache system allows the server to understand and broadcast HTML pages (like this one), without Apache, you wouldn't be able to read this now!


PHP: Hypertext Preprocessor is a system that allows for dynamic webpage support, this means lots of pages can be updated at a time (e.g. right hand links)

Powered by MySQL

The MySQL Database system, this is the software that manages the content on most of the web pages.


The only way to manage MySQL! (gee, I'm sounding like a sales person!)

Making and Testing

A server is nothing with out good content!


Probably the best web developing program out there!

Of couse, being a Linux user, and Dreamweaver being a Windows program, I have to thank...


WINE (Wine Is Not an Emulator) is, ironically, an emulator! It allows some windows programs run on *nix systems

Firefox 2

Everyone should know that FireFox is a web browser, I use it on Linux, great for seeing the completed website :-) (oh yeah, and it's much better than Microsoft excuse of a web browser!)

Other Stuff

Because it's just cool

Ok, the first one on the list is...


This is the copy of Linux I use on my machines. I find it a nice and easy Linux, great for beginners, or people who want an easy to maintain system. (oh and before people say, you're not a real Linux user, just remember, the server used to run Slackware!!! (and I used to use Slackware 8.1 on my Desktop!) Yeah, enough said ;-) )


This is the Instant Messaging program I use. It allows access to MSN, Yahoo, AIM, GTalk, ICQ, and many more... at one point it was called GTK AOL Instant Messenger (Gaim) but due to legal issues, they were forced to change there name!

Valid CSS!

Valid XHTML 1.1

Getting web pages to pass these strict validation checks is not easy, but when done, you can be sure that the page will work on any moden web browser.


The K Desktop Environment, is the graphical front end I use on Linux. I personally prefer it to GNOME, but that's just me!