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Welcome to OP-EZY V5.1

Time Machine

Step back into OP-EZY's past

Upon redesigning the site, I stumbled across many fragments of old versions of the site. I've managed to recover some of the pages. And I can now present them

What do we have?


We have everything from "OP-EZY International Pirate Radio" (AKA Version 1.0 (and before)) to the previous layout

To view the old sites, click the picture:

Version 0.0.2

Woah, now THIS is old!!! Designed totally by James Crawford, and is still hosted at http://jamescrawford28.tripod.com/ only difference is, I remembered my password to access the site, so I've mirrored the whole site to here, it shouldn't matter what you put in the log in box, it should be disabled :-). Once inside, all you will see, is a really young picture of yours trully (a charming picture from 2002) and a picture of an Easyjet plane! This site was set up when OP-EZY started in 2003, and yes, before you ask, James DID mis-spell "Information"!

Version 0.1

This version wasn't really designed, but more of a quick "Lets get things up and running" with no real layout... oh, and right from the start, we have been FireFox fans! This page was from the http://op-ezy.selfip.com days

Version 0.2

A lousy attempt at making a site! Probably made in dreamweaver, but remade in notepad! It did the job, it was able to let someone listen, and view the status of the station... What more do you want?

Version 0.3 Mockup

So, Tom Bullimore, who at that time, was still part of OP-EZY, decided to redesign the site, in paint, wasn't really my cup of tea, so I went on and made 0.4

Version 0.4

A TABLE!!!!! Yuck! lol, but we were moving on, a second station was planned for Bullimore... it was FINALLY used by James Crawford a few months later! (1.1)

Version 0.5

Bullimore once again, decided to add his ideas in paint, still didn't quite like, so.....

Version 0.6

Once again, Bullimore was responcible for this, click the icon to see a bigger image, click again to download the powerpoint! I decided to make the next version 1.0....

Version 1.0

First take on OIPR, before James started Radio 2

Version 1.1

New redesign on the bar at the bottom, James by now was broadcasting

Version 2.0

Containing our old OP-EZY logo then a fully tabled site with flash banners. Desgined for the release of the CS-40 Video (on DVD). The site is also a fixed width, this is one of our worst designs.

Version 3.0_pre

So, just soon after updating to Slackware 10.2, I decided to take down the site and redesign it, this I what people saw as I was creating the new site

Version 3.0Version 3.0 Site

More people will remember this, the site also featured a flash intro, and an in-joke aimed at "Farmer John". Once in, yet another pages with tables, and Javascript menus for navigation. That site redesign was to go with OP-EZY Electronics, a business that me and James Crawford decided to start. Though it never really got any further than an idea, there was a website made, and until now, not many people saw it:

OP-EZY Electronics

By the way, the Anna who is mentioned, was someone who went to my school, she did agree to appear on the page, but as the whole OP-EZY electronics idea collapsed, the "photo shoot" was never needed! Also, you will notice, I didn't care too much about spelling (permission)

Version 3.1

So I decided to make a CSS page, but this attempt didn't work. But until now, it's not been veiwable to the public...

Version 4.0

Ok, so unless you have only found this site recently, you'll have seen version 4.0, it's about a year old!

Version 4.0

This is the old LCD page, in the v4.0 style, it took a while for us to update this part of the site, but it's finally done!