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Learning Centre DooM - Download

How to download and play

First, get the latest version of ZDooM from zdoom.org

If you have Doom II from ID Software, put the Doom2.wad into the ZDooM directory

If you don't have Doom II, go to freedoom.sourceforge.net and get freedoom (it will also be called Doom2.wad)

Download the latest version of LCDDOOM from the link below (or if you wish, an older version)

Extract into the ZDooM directory

Run the LCD.BAT file and play :-)

OP-EZY - News

29/11/2006 New RAM (128MB) the site should now load alot faster!

Ok, I doubt that this news is going to happen!

Exciting news, coming VERY, VERY soon! Watch this space!

Web mail, almost here!!

PHP scripts seem to be working (along with MySQL!)

We have a new download server that is now fully FTP based!

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