OP-EZY International

So, it was time for a complete revamp, as version 3 was a complete failure!

Version 4.0

As my first venture into CSS didn't go as planned, and because I really wanted to break free from tables, I used a public domain template. I decided to cut back on the flash content too, choosing only to have an animated clock in the top left hand corner of the page. This clock relied on the system clock of the user, if their computer clock was wrong, the OP-EZY clock would also be wrong.

When 4.0 launched, the flash intro from version 3 was still included, but I later dropped it, as people were complaining it took too long to load, and the Farmer John joke was a little teadious!

Another project to disappear during version 4 was The Real PCHS, for reasons I mentioned earlier. In its place was "Learning Centre DooM"

OP-EZY was still creating programs, and working with loopholes during this time.

Firstly, I made a script that would allow anyone to safely remove a device from the workstations, as for some reason, the admins had blocked the "Safely Remove Hardware" icon on Windows.

Safely Remove Hardware

Another such program, was De-Blocker. This was a Greasemonkey script designed to run in FireFox, and allowed people to try and get onto a blocked website in school by trying its IP address directly.

OP-EZY De-Blocker

De-Blocker running on the OP-EZY home page today!

Of course, this required people to use FireFox in school. The admins had later blocked us from installing anything, or running anything from our H drives. (Due to people installing games on their H drive, and people using their own copies of FireFox!) Of course, this didn't stop OP-EZY, we found a copy of FireFox Portable on a hidden drive, and wrote a script that would allow it to call on a profile saved on a user's H drive.

OP-EZY Firefox Launcher

Finally, OP-EZY developed a plugin that would allow these hacked copies of FireFox to display Flash Content, as users weren't able to easily install flash onto their hacked profiles.

OP-EZY Flash Installer

Under OP-EZY Productions, James and I created an A* piece for A Level Media Studies - "The Seaker: 1st Chem, the Chemical Killer?". We then later, failed to finish (to my high standards I aim for anyways) another project called "The North-East Past and Present" James left OP-EZY shortly after. Leaving me (Robert Ian Hawdon - A.K.A. David J Morrison) in control.

Version 4.0

Learning Centre DooM

Formally: Ponteland High DooM

In 2006, a bunch of people were installing games on to the school computers, so using the knowlege I had gained from the offline era, I not only installed DooM on to many of the PCs, but was also able to write a few batch scripts to allow for network play. I then decided to take it a step further and create a level based on the school (DISCLAIMER: I wasn't trying to recreate any of the events that happened on Tuesday, April 20, 1999 at Columbine High School, the two events are purely coincedental!) After being questioned by one of the teachers, (who, thankfully, actually thought it was well done), I was told I could do this, as long as I removed the Pont High name. Learning Centre Doom was what came out of it.

The project itself is currently hanging in limbo, it's not officially dead, but hasn't been updated in a while either!

Learning Centre DooM

Version 5.1

Version 5.0 (and later 5.1) was rolled out later in 2007, after the departure of James Crawford. Version 5.0 didn't get archived, but the only difference between 5.0 and 5.1 is that 5.1's CSS was able to support embedding pictures nicely, as used on the home page.

OP-EZY Music kicked on to the scene as an extention to OP-EZY Productions, to host some music I recorded with Gareth Kitchener. We also created a "Spockumentary" to go with it. (An extended version of this has recently been released!)

Version 5.1


Version 6.0

Version 6 of the OP-EZY site was my second attempt at building a CSS template from scratch, like version 4 and 5, the layout is fluid, this means that when the browser is resized, the site adjusts to fill the screen. With the verious sizes of screens in use these days, version 7 is a static layout (like the time machine), as the wider a page gets, the harder it gets to read.

OP-EZY 6 had a long run, being live for almost 3 years, but has finally been replaced with OP-EZY 7 which uses a custom made Content Management System we call MagicPage

OP-EZY revived the software developement portion of the group, releasing the OP-EZY Lossless YouTube to iPod Converter application, which is a frontend that will allow someone to convert an FLV file downloaded from YouTube to either an audio file, or a compatible video file that will play on iPods and other digial players.

OP-EZY Lossless YouTube to iPod Converter

The software itself is a front end to a number of open source programs which, when used correctly, will convert files to the highest quality possible. The unique feature this program has, that not many other convertion programs boast, is that the files outputted (video and audio) are fully lossless copies from the original file. This means the quality you see and hear on YouTube will be the same on the converted file, no quality is lost when using this program. (And yes, that does mean that converting to MP3 isn't an option, thankfully!)

Version 6.0